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Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Having your home damaged by severe weather can be a traumatic experience. Trying to navigate the insurance claim process can add to the stress. Eagle Eye Roofing is here to help. We have a lot of experience in helping our customers through the damage claim process and are aware that sometimes just knowing what to expect can make a big difference in your peace of mind when a storm strikes.

Once The Weather Clears, Check For Damage

We have had a number of severe storms blow through Idaho so far this year, everything from funnel clouds to half dollar sized hail. It is very important to check your roof for damage. Even if the damage looks relatively minor, winter can magnify the issues leaving your home at risk for structural damage, water damage and mold.

If you see anything worrisome, call Eagle Eye Roofing to come and inspect your roof. Our experienced Project Managers will know what to look for and will be thorough in documenting any damage.

Schedule A Free Roof Inspection

Eagle Eye Roofing offers free on-site roof inspections with no obligation to purchase. We will take pictures of damaged areas and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be repaired or replaced and the estimated costs. In some cases, you may not have enough damage to your roof to warrant an insurance claim. In this case, we will go over all the options and work with you to provide the best solution for all your roofing needs.

If there is enough damage for a claim, your insurance company will need to know the date and time the damage happened and the event that caused the damage. This is precisely what we provide in our inspection. We will answer any questions you might have and walk you through the process of initiating the claim.

Homeowner Tip- We recommend that you occasionally take pictures of your roof to show the condition of your roof and the state of your shingles and keep them in a file with the date they were taken. That way, if there ever is a weather event that causes damage, you have more documentation for your insurance company.

Contact Your Insurance Company

It is important to contact your insurance company right away because some policies only provide coverage for a certain window of time after the damage has occurred. The roofing experts at Eagle Eye specialize in insurance claims and are happy to help you to make sure the paperwork is submitted correctly and you get the maximum reimbursement for your roof replacement.

Meeting With The Insurance Adjuster

Once the claim has been submitted, you will receive a call from your insurance company within 24-72 hours to schedule an inspection with the insurance adjuster.

Write down the insurance adjuster’s name, contact number, Claim number and the date and time of the inspection. Pass that information on to us as soon as possible and we will arrive early for the appointment, fully prepared to confirm the type of damage and help determine repair-ability versus replacement.

The adjuster will then give you a written report going over all property damage and the amount the insurance company will pay to repair or replace your roof. This Summary Report may be completed on site, mailed or emailed to you along with the ACV (actual cash value) check which you will sign over to Eagle Eye to begin work.

Getting Your New Roof

When you receive the Insurance Company’s Summary Report, give us a call and we will go over all the details. We want to make sure that the report includes everything that is required to put your house back together properly and that nothing was left out. Then it’s time to get you scheduled for your new roof. We take enormous pride in each and every roofing project and want you to be excited about your finished roof.

Closing The Claim

It is only when the work is completed to your satisfaction, will Eagle Eye Roofing collect the deductible check.

We will send a final invoice to your insurance company letting them know that all the necessary work has been completed. A few weeks later you will receive your final check from the insurance company. Please contact Eagle Eye Roofing to expedite the closing of your claim and to pick up the final check.

The whole process may seem like a lot, but we are here to do all the leg work and keep everything moving smoothly. This is just one of the many reasons that Eagle Eye Roofing IS the best solution for your roofing needs.

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