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Selling Your Home? Why Getting A Roof Certification Before You List It Is A No-Brainer

Reason #1: A Roof Certification Is Different Than A Home Inspection

Everyone knows that a getting a Home Inspections is a must but may overlook getting a Roof Certification. When a general home inspector comes out, your roof may only get a perfunctory glance. Unlike our expert team at Eagle Eye Roofing, which has been specifically trained to spot damaged or deteriorating roof materials, general home inspectors are not roof experts and are not required to step onto the roof to inspect it even though many crucial issues can’t be spotted from the ground.

Reason #2: No Surprises

No one likes surprises and unfortunately residential roofs are a potential source of unexpected repairs. The purpose of a roof certification is specifically to get information on the condition of the roof, get the roofs remaining life expectancy and to make any necessary repairs. Our trained professionals will provide you with an expert evaluation, one that not only authenticates your roof’s integrity, but will give YOU AND THE BUYER peace of mind!

Reason #3: Forewarned Is Forearmed

If your roof is found to need repairs after the general home inspection, potential buyers will often take this opportunity to negotiate for a large repair credit. Also any repairs will delay the transaction and at this point, time is of the essence.

You can easily avoid this by getting a Roof Certification from Eagle Eye Roofing before listing your home, giving you the chance to resolve roof issues before going to market which will save you some time, stress and money.

Sellers and buyers alike will have better peace of mind if the roof has been properly inspected. Even if no issues are detected, potential buyers will feel more secure about making an offer. So if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, make sure to schedule an inspection with Eagle Eye Roofing first.

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