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Four Reasons Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Replace Your Roof

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1- Summer Weather Is No Picnic For Your Roof

In the summertime a breezy 90 degrees might be perfect for a day at the water-park but for an unshaded roof, that equals a shingle temperature of 160 F. This extreme heat can accelerate the damage done by UV rays. Over time, ultraviolet (UV) radiation coming from the sun will dry out your roof, causing shingles to buckle & split. But that isn’t all your roof puts up with during these long dog days.

Personally I love watching as a summer storm rolls in; cooling off the afternoon and sending the kids under blankets as the wind picks up & the thunder crashes. The roof however, takes the brunt of it. Hail and blowing debris can damage shingles and high winds can tear them off completely. Water from heavy downpours can collect, causing leaks and possibly mold & interior damage.

Even if you have never had any issues, it is crucial to get your roof inspected before winter strikes.

2- Fall Weather Is Perfect For Roofing

Two words: thermal sealing. The sealant used to fasten asphalt shingles together is activated by heat from the sun. If the workday is extremely hot, your new roof can scuff. Too cold and shingles become brittle and more difficult to work with. The good news is that autumn weather is just right!

3- Winter Is Coming

Winter rivals summer when it comes to roof persecution. Icicles, ice dams, and condensation in an improperly insulated attic can all lead to mold, mildew and even interior damage. Any existing issues will inevitably get worse by waiting.

4- Keep Costs Down and Cozy Up

A properly installed roofing system by Eagle Eye will save you some dough when it comes to energy efficiency and heating bills. That means more money in your pocket and a cozy abode to abide in.

So call Eagle Eye, LLC today for your FREE roof inspection & estimate. Or better yet, just click here https://www.eagleeyeroofers.com/projectmanager

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