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10 Ladder Safety Tips For The Savvy Homeowner

Before you head out to decorate your roof-lines and eaves, here are 10 ladder safety tips from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

1- Carefully inspect the ladder for defects, checking for cracks, corrosion and that bolts and rivets are secure.

2- Make sure the ladder's feet work properly and have slip-resistant pads.

3- Use a fiberglass ladder if there is any chance of contact with electricity.

4- When setting the ladder, look for a safe location with firm, level footing and rigid support for the top of the ladder. Be sure to set it at an angle per the manufacturer's guidance.

5- When climbing off a ladder at an upper level, make sure the ladder extends 3 feet above the landing.

6- When climbing the ladder, use three points of contact — keep 1 hand and both feet or both hands and 1 foot in contact with the ladder at all times.

7- Never carry any load that could cause you to lose balance.

8- Never stand on top of a ladder.

9- Don't pull, lean, stretch or make sudden moves on a ladder that could cause it to tip over.

10- Avoid setting the ladder near exit doors, near the path of pedestrians or traffic.

I've been anticipating this task for a while now. The crisp cold air on my cheeks, an hour of untangling Christmas lights under my belt and three little girls smiling at me through the front window. Rocky from across the street may have been putting up decorations for weeks now but I plan to give him a run for his money.

Years of ladder experience inspecting roofs has me pausing for a quick ladder check before I get started. Believe me, after an afternoon of hanging lights, a cup of cocoa and some Christmas cookies is a lot more pleasant than a trip to the emergency room. ☕️

In my heart I know I will never match Rocky's Christmas display but I also know that the light in my girls' eyes when I am finished will shine all the brighter. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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